Roadhouse Cinemas FAQs

Welcome to RoadHouse Cinemas!

We would like to invite you to an unparalleled movie and dining experience! Open 365 days a year, RoadHouse offers an extraordinary restaurant menu created by an award-winning chef and restaurateur, an impressively creative full bar featuring high quality wines and craft beers, and overwhelmingly comfortable recliners, all to be enjoyed while experiencing state-of-the-art digital projection and 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound!

What is the age policy?


18+ Welcome anytime.

R rated films | 13-17 years with an adult 21+. No children under 13.

G | PG | PG-13 rated films | 6-17 years with an adult 21+.

G | PG rated films | 6-17 years with an adult 21+. Children under 6 are only permitted to attend the first showtime of the day or special events.


18+ Welcome anytime.

R rated films | 13-17 years with an adult 21+. No children under 13.

G | PG | PG-13 rated films | 4-17 years with an adult 21+.

G | PG rated films | 4-17 years with an adult 21+. Children under 4 are only permitted to attend the first showtime of the day or special events.

What is the Early Bird Special?

Tucson: The Early Bird Special is any show before 12:00 noon is only $5.95, seven days a week! (Excluding Holidays)

Scottsdale: The Early Bird Special is any show before 12:00 noon is only $6.25, seven days a week! (Excluding Holidays)

Colorado Springs: The Early Bird Special is any show before 12:00 noon is only $6.95, seven days a week! (Excluding Holidays)

When is Happy Hour?

RoadHouse Cinemas offers Happy Hour every week, Monday through Friday, from 3:00-6:00 pm! Half off all beer, wine, RoadHouse Margaritas, and menu items listed under "Munchies"!

What are Wise Wednesdays or Wise Weekdays?

Tucson: Every Wednesday, senior tickets (55+) for all shows before 5:00 pm are only $5.00 (Friday before 4:00 pm)!

Scottsdale: Monday through Friday, senior tickets (55+) for all shows before 5:00 pm are $5.00 (Friday before 4:00 pm)! 

What are $6 Dollar Tuesdays?

Every Tuesday, tickets for all shows, for the entire day, are only $6.25 in Tucson & Scottsdale or $5.95 in Colorado Springs! Please Note: On occasion, a studio will restrict "discount days" like our "$6 Dollar Tuesdays" for the first two weeks. Also, if a major holiday (like Christmas Day) lands on a Tuesday, holiday pricing supersedes the discount day.

Where can I get Gift Cards? Do they expire? Are they good for admissions and food?

Roadhouse Cinemas gift cards make the perfect gift! You can get Roadhouse Cinemas gift cards at our box office. They will also give you a nice card and envelope to go with them. Unlike many other businesses Roadhouse Cinemas gift cards don’t expire and are good for both admissions, food and beverages!

Is your gelato sorbet dairy free? Where do you get it from?

Yes, the sorbet is dairy free! All of our gelato is made fresh for us by Villa Dolce Gelato Italiano. It is a premium gelato, made with traditional Italian methods using all natural ingredients. 100% natural, less fat than ice cream, hormone-free cream, only fine pure cane sugar, real Belgium Chocolate, authentic Argentine Dulce de Leche and Fleur de Sel Sea Salt. We recommend that you do not try any, as you will become addicted... you’ve been warned. Also, from time to time, RoadHouse offers non-dairy gelato options!

What is the deal with your “Roadie T-Shirt”?

RoadHouse Cinemas offers our “Roadie T-Shirt” for sale for only $24.95. Six different designs – t-shirts for men and ladies! Not only are they cool shirts, but they are also part of our loyalty program. Wear it all of the time, but if you also wear it to RoadHouse Cinemas to dine in the lobby or see a movie, you get free popcorn each visit for the entire calendar year (January 1 - December 31). Super comfortable, stylish shirts with your favorite movie quotes! Awesome gift idea and available at our Box Office!

What’s so special about your root beer?

We offer old fashioned Keg Root Beer from SUN UP Brewing Company (in Arizona) and FH Beerworks (Colorado Springs). Try that with a Root Beer float! Mmmmmmm

Do you have any beverages, other than sugary drinks?

We offer a fresh black tea made for us by Arbuckle Coffee. We also have Herbal Infusion sweetened with Stevia, again made fresh for us by Arbuckle Coffee. Our RoadHouse Coffee blend was created by a barista and now made exclusively for RoadHouse Cinemas by Arbuckle Coffee. We also offer Sobe Pomegranate.

I love your non-GMO gourmet white popcorn! Can I take some home with me? Does your flavored popcorn have MSG? Do you use Hydrogenated oil?

Yes! It is available for purchase in take home bags at our concession stand. All flavors are available. Regular, or White Cheddar, Jalepeno, and Caramel Glaze. NO! None of our popcorn flavors have MSG! We are one of the few theatres that doesn’t pop their popcorn in hydrogenated oil! We use coconut oil, deemed by many as one of the healthiest oils on the planet. We invite you to do your own research, but here is just one link to look at: Is Coconut Oil Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

The site isn’t functioning properly on my computer. Why? supports only the latest versions of Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox as well as all major mobile platforms. If your browser isn’t up to date, you may experience a compromised user-experience related to general navigation as well as online ticketing. For the best online experience, RHC recommends your browser be up to date.

How do I subscribe to your theater emails?

Click to complete an online request form. You’ll receive a confirmation email to the email address provided during sign-up. Please follow the link to finish the registration process. Theater emails are sent every Thursday and include movie listings, show times, and special offers. You’ll also periodically receive special ticket offers and exclusive invitations to advance screenings.

Who can I speak with to book a special event or movie party?

RHC has an Event Manager that would be happy to assist you with planning your next party or event. RHC supports corporate functions with ease. Our auditoriums range in size from 54 to 70 seats. RHC also encourages movie parties for birthdays, school and organization events, and special functions. For more information on RHC Corporate Sales and Special Events click here to complete an online request form or contact us to speak with the special events manager.

How are theater passes and discounted tickets redeemed?

You may redeem your theatre pass or discounted ticket at the Box Office only. RHC passes and discounted tickets do not include food or beverage. Passes are not accepted at any RHC for Sony Pictures releases at this time. Please review your pass or discounted ticket carefully for details specific to product offering, rules for redemption and expiration date.

What’s the difference between a Gold Ticket and a Gift Card?

RHC Gold Tickets are discounted tickets good for movie admission only and are available for $8.00 each with a minimum of 50 per order. RHC Gift Cards make the best gifts! They are good for movie tickets, food and beverages. Gift cards are available at the theatre for purchase, $20 minimum please. Gold Tickets are also available at the theatre. Gold Card purchasers, please call ahead to so we may have them ready for you when you arrive. Our box office number is 520 -209 – 2728. Please tell the box office person you would like to buy Gold Tickets and they will connect you with a manager.

Can I purchase group tickets for a specific movie?

Yes. If you plan to bring a group of 10 people or less, ensure your seats are together by reserving specific locations for the showtime. If your group is larger than 20 people, or you require a private theater for your party, please click here to complete an online request. For time sensitive matters, please contact RHC by phone or in person and speak with a theater manager or our Special Events Sales Manager.

When does RHC publish movie listings and showtimes?

Movie listings and showtimes for RHC are posted every Monday evening (usually by 8:00 pm) for the upcoming Friday through the following Thursday. For some films, Advance Ticketing is available for purchase online and in-theater up to several weeks in advance of opening.

Please Note: We do our best to have showtimes up by 8:00 pm on Mondays. Unfortunately, sometimes hiccups, holidays, and unforseen circumstances do occur. If they are not up by 8:00 pm on Monday, then they will be up soon. Thank you for your patronage, patience and understanding.

What is an advance screening?

An Advance Screening is an opportunity to see a movie before its release. RHC hosts Advance Screenings for film studios periodically throughout the year at most locations. To receive these and other exclusive offers, you must join our theater database by . If you are in receipt of an invitation, please print the invitation and pay close attention to the details on the pass. Seats are not guaranteed and auditoriums are intentionally over-booked to ensure maximum occupancy.

What’s a Non-peak, Peak, and Matinee ticket type?

Non-peak ticket pricing refers to show times available for sale Monday-Thursday. Peak ticketing are for show times Friday-Sunday, plus midnight screenings, public holidays and early film openings (unless otherwise noted). A Matinee ticket is for most show times beginning before 4 pm on a given day.

How do I purchase tickets for a movie?

Ticketing is available online, at a theater kiosk, or at the Box Office. We do not sell tickets by phone at this time. Online ticketing is available up to show time for most movies. Theater hours vary by time of year but always open at least 30 minutes prior to the first show time of the day. PLEASE remember to bring the credit card you purchased the ticket online to the theatre. You need it to swipe at the kiosk or box office to retrieve your tickets.

How does 100% Reserved Seating work? Can I skip the Box Office?

Reserved Seating reserves your seat but you’ll still need to get your tickets at the box office. Sorry but that is just the way the technology works. Reserved Seating allows you to pick specific seating locations for your desired movie and show time. You can purchase your favorite seats at PLEASE remember to bring the credit card you purchased the ticket online to the theatre. You need it to swipe at the kiosk or box office to retrieve your tickets. PLEASE make sure you have picked the right day and time. Once you have purchased your tickets we consider them your tickets. If for any reason you cannot go, need a refund etc. we ask that you bring those tickets to the box office no later than 1 hour before your showtime so we can resell the tickets. Otherwise we cannot offer a refund.

What do I do if I didn’t receive a confirmation for my online order?

Undeliverable email confirmations to our customers can occur from time-to-time for a host of reasons. Please contact us if you fail to receive an email confirmation for your purchase.

Do you provide assisted listening devices for hard of hearing or the descriptive devices for the deaf and blind community?

Yes. Each auditorium has a Hearing Impaired System installed. Roadhouse Cinemas also has the descriptive device for our blind friends. In addition, Roadhouse Cinemas has a selected certain shows to show Open Captioning for our friends in the deaf community. Please watch our web site and newsletter for shows, times and dates.

Are the handicap seats available for sale, in the event they are not being used by a handicapped person?

We want to give our handicapped guests every opportunity to come to Roadhouse Cinemas and enjoy themselves. The handicap seats are for handicap people first and foremost. However, often times they go unpurchased and are available for sale. The seats can be purchased shortly before a designated show. Please be advised that the seats in the handicap section are different. They not recliners. They are comfortable office chairs. There is also a table in front of the office chairs for food and beverages as well. The tables also have call buttons in the event you would like to summon your friendly server.

Do you offer handicapped seating?

Each auditorium for Roadhouse Cinemas has allocated seating that is wheelchair accessible in the back of the theatre. The handicap area is designed for wheelchairs so they can be easily rolled up to a table. The seats are in the back of the auditorium with good views. Each table has a call button to summon your server. In the event a handicap guest is not in a wheelchair, but requires the handicap seating area, there are very comfortable office chairs to sit in. Please Note: These are comfortable, rolling office chairs and not recliners.

Can you smoke in the theater?

No, Roadhouse Cinemas is a non-smoking establishment. This includes e-cigarettes or vapor devices of any kind.

What do I do if I have a “noisy neighbor”?

Alert an employee by pressing the call button on your table. You can either write on a menu card that there is a problem and where the loud customer is or whisper it to them. The employee and/or the manager on duty will talk to the loud patron and tell them to please be quiet. Repeated disruptiveness will result in the customer being asked to leave.

Should I tip my waiter?

If you enjoyed your service we encourage our customers to take care of their server.

Do you accept checks?

No. Cash, major credit card/debit card, and/or traveler’s checks only.

If something is wrong with my order, what do I do?

Servers will do “check backs” which is a verbal question posed asking if you received all of your ordered items. Any time throughout the service you can notify an employee that there is a problem with your food/drink by simply pressing the call button just as you would if placing an order. They will rectify a situation from that point and ask any questions if needed. Our main objective is to provide unobtrusive service, delicious made to order food and a first rate film experience. As that is the case we will attempt to prevent as much verbal dialogue as possible when attending to orders, problematic or otherwise.

Can we order during the movie?

Yes! You can order up until “last call” which is typically 30 minutes prior to the film ending.

If the theater is dark how I do I see the menu and write down orders?

Although the lights are down during the film’s play dim lights are on at all times. These lights do not interfere with the image quality of the movie and provide enough light to see while it is playing. Some theaters are also equipped with under table lighting to further allow easy menu viewing.

What kind of food do you have?

RoadHouse Cinemas provides a full menu, which includes a variety of drinks (alcoholic and non), appetizers, salads, entrees, and tasty desserts. We have award-winning cheesecake and offer homemade gelato from Villa Dolce, in addition to many other options!

Do you have to order food or drinks if you watch at a movie at the RHC?

Ordering is not required to be a patron! In fact, if you would like to just come by and enjoy the lobby and large outside patio, without watching a film, come on over!

How does it work?

Once inside the theater you find your seat(s). Menus, order cards and pencils are placed on the table next to your chair. A waiter will come by, greet you and take any order(s) you are ready to put in. Throughout the film you can order more by simply pressing the call button on your table. 30 minutes prior to the film ending the server will come by and do “last call”, at which point they will find out if you would like any final items before closing your tab out. All tabs must be closed before the film ends.

Can I save seats? Can I reserve a particular seat?

You can save a seat of any person that holds a ticket and must be prepared to show that ticket to a server or manager if they ask to see it. Saving seats for patrons waiting in line is not permissible. We encourage our guests to not leave empty single seats between parties to allow all ticket holders to find seats together. All seats are first come first serve for our “Throw back Thursdays.” PLEASE remember to bring the credit card you purchased the ticket online to the theatre. You need it to swipe at the kiosk or box office to retrieve your tickets.

Where the heck are your ushers to take my ticket?

RoadHouse Cinemas has sensors in each seat. If the seat is sold it, it is assigned to a specific guest and notifies the server. If someone sits in an “unsold” seat, the sensor will alert our staff. When they introduce themselves, our servers will also ask each guest to see their ticket.

Do you take reservations?

Tickets can be purchased in advance on-line, which secures you a seat to your desired film; however reservations are not taken.

Can I buy tickets over the phone?

Sorry, no. Tickets can be purchased at the box office, which opens each day 30 minutes before the first show, or on our website. RoadHouse will not give refunds over the phone, solely for the safety and security of our guest’s valuable credit card information.

Do you accept passes for special events?

Sorry, we do not.

Why are there pass restrictions?

Pass restrictions are set by the distributors of each film. In order for the distributor to maximize their profits during the first two weeks of the release, which is also the busiest time, they do not allow free admission.

What do “no passes” mean?

If any film listed on the website lists “no passes” this means that this film cannot be viewed for free using an “admit one” pass or coupon unless it specifies otherwise, due to studio restrictions.

Can we get refunds for ticket purchases?

Our refund policy will change effective, May 1st, 2017. No refunds will be provided after the performance time and date specified on the tickets. If you are unable to attend your show time, we can swap the tickets for a different show time or refund the tickets. However, refunded tickets and swaps can only be done in person at the box office, up to one hour before the original show time (we need an opportunity to resell your tickets). If a credit/debit card was used for the purchase, it must be presented for verification. Returns will be refunded back to the credit/debit card that was used for the purchase. Online service charges are non-refundable. Please note: For every ticket that is purchased, RoadHouse Cinemas must pay the movie studios.

I purchased tickets, but something has come up, so we can’t make the movie. Can we reschedule it for sometime later?

Yes! We just ask that you please come to the theater at least an hour before your show time and we can exchange the tickets for another show time. Sorry, but we can not do them over the phone. It would also need to be within the current scheduled movie week because new schedules are made every Monday. If that does not work for you, then we can refund the tickets (see below under ‘Can we get refunds for ticket purchases?’).

When do tickets go on sale each week?

New tickets go on sale each week, Monday evening by 8:00 pm (meaning, anytime prior and up to 8:00 pm at the latest). Typically, tickets gets posted between 6:00-8:00 pm on Monday, for the following Friday-Thursday. Note: On Monday holidays, studios are closed and final bookings are pushed to Tuesday. So, tickets will then go on sale Tuesday evening following a holiday. Also, for “event” films, like Star Wars, ticket pre-sales may be available and those will be posted at the advertised time.

How does RHC work? Do I have to arrive early to order?

Enjoying RHC is easy. Purchase tickets online or at the theater (PLEASE remember to bring the credit card you purchased the ticket online to the theatre. You need it to swipe at the kiosk or box office to retrieve your tickets). We encourage guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. If seating hasn’t begun for your movie, please enjoy a cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage from our lobby bar. Once seated, service is available by pushing your Service Button, conveniently located at every seat. You can order from our menu as much and as often as you like anytime throughout the movie. Our team is trained to deliver your order to your seat without compromising your viewing experience or interrupting other guests. Please feel free to enjoy our lobby or patio before or after your film. Great place to sit for a cocktail, cup of coffee or gelato.

What's the difference between RHC and other movie theaters?

Roadhouse Cinemas (RHC) combines first-run movies, alternate and family programming, with in-theater dining from a made-from-scratch menu and full-service bar. At the push of a button, place your order with an RHC team member directly from your seat and have your food and beverages delivered before and during the show. Want to make sure you have great seats? RHC offers reserved seating. Go to our website, pull up the seating chart and pick your seats!

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